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Want Sell Your Home Quickly? Follow These Tips

We're in the middle of the first quarter of 2020 and the market is very active, with homes selling quickly and low inventory. Are you thinking about selling your home? If so, don't hesitate and contact us! Here are several tips to that will help your home sell quickly:

Channel Your Inner Neat Freak. You always knew your inner organizational tendencies would come in handy one day. Now is the time to get rid of the the clutter and win over the hearts of buyers! The key is to create a pleasing environment where clients can imagine their own furniture in the space. Pay particular attention to kitchen and bathroom counters, fireplace mantels and tabletops.

Rearrange Your Furniture. Once all the clutter is taken care of, step back and take a look at the big picture. Does your home seem inviting to buyers? Does it make them want to sit and stay a while? Than they freely move through the home without bumping into anything? With the Chain Koentopp Group, we can lend a fresh eye and help you reimagine your home.

Price Your Home Correctly. Though every seller's budget and needs vary, the Chain Koentopp Group has the experience to develop a pricing strategy that is not only based on your goals, but is based on current conditions and neighborhood comps. Furthermore, based on how quickly you need to sell, we can assist you on testing the market to see how much interest your home will receive.

Timing is Everything. Are you looking to sell before the school year ends or begins? Before spring break? After the holidays? All of this can be taken into consideration when you work with a seasoned real estate professional. Other things the Chain Koentopp Group can help you consider are the fact pools can encourage a home to be sold quicker in seasons like spring and summer.

Have questions or want more information? Give us a call Linda at 702-250-7000 - Lori at 702-595-9722 or let’s grab a quick coffee to discuss. No question is too big or small — We are here for you!

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