We're PROFESSIONAL, we're FUN, AND we're REALTORS.. The Chain/Koentopp Group is one of Las Vegas' preferred Real Estate Teams. The group was founded by Linda Chain and Lori Koentopp in 2009. Together they have a broad understanding of market conditions, values, communities, and neighborhoods. Linda and Lori pride themselves in "matching" Buyer and Seller desires and providing their clients with a home buying experience that goes beyond the scope of simply finding the right home or listing homes at a competitive price. 

Nevada residents for over 60 years cumulatively. Linda and Lori enjoy the Las Vegas Life Style of Golf, Travel, Dining and getting to know our clients! You will also find them spending time with the many charities they support. 

Business Women by nature, their team has the skillset and patience to successfully represent their clients in the monumental decision of buying or selling their home. The Group continues to grow and is skilled in all aspects of real estate transactions to ensure all of our clients have a memorable experience and become part of our Real Estate family.